Dr. Sheena Sikorski

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Meet Dr. Sheena

Something magical happens when women come together to make a greater impact in a community — and working with Dr. Sheena Sikorski, Licensed Psychologist for Gen-Z + Millennial High-Achieving Women, was a gift that deepened the significance of our work here at the KC Copy Studio. 

She hired us to partner in the recreation of her brand messaging & relaunch of her primary website. Using sensitive research techniques to respect the clients and subject matter specific to her brand, we collected thorough data and used our findings to craft perfectly-tailored new messaging and copy. The result? A refreshed brand bringing the exact client inquiries and roster she’d been after.

“P.S. I’m bringing in 6-figures with the website doing the marketing for me!!!” 

When Dr. Sheena reached out about a project to re-envision her messaging and launch a new iteration of her website, I took a holistic look at her existing brand. Her website was bringing in prospective clients, but not the ones she was wanting to work with long-term. She was spending a lot of her precious CEO time conversing with leads, getting on Clarity Calls, referring those that weren’t a right fit to others, and it was costing her immensely in energy and revenue. 

What she really wanted was to increase client inquiries and especially, refine the type of client she was attracting by differentiating herself amongst competing practitioners and clearly communicating her approach.

To establish a strong messaging foundation, we began with in-depth research. We conducted surveys with Dr. Sheena’s audience + past clients, analyzed her key differentiators and how they could be positioned in her niche market. We spent an extensive amount of time getting inside Dr. Sheena’s mind through our thorough deep-dive kickoff call and in-depth review of her brand materials and client feedback.

This effort paid off as we calibrated new copy to the nuances of both Dr. Sheena’s brand essence and her ideal client’s persona, sculpting new website copy to reflect them both, perfectly. 

We pulled it all together with me personally overseeing the complete integration of the copy with Dr. Sheena’s web designer. We worked together over several iterations to ensure the right words were emphasized and deemphasized just so for maximum impact – letting Dr. Sheena take one more tedious task off of her busy plate. 

Collaborating in this bespoke project enabled us to curate messaging that's not only market-informed but also fine-tuned to her distinct objectives.

Shortly after this full-scope project she hired the KC Copy Studio team again to craft a nurture email sequence inside our Signature VIP Day Rate!

Learn proven, evidence-based strategies to transform your perfectionist and high-achiever tendencies into your superpowers.

REspect  ✶  Honesty  ✶  heart  ✶ transparency 

“Hiring Krystle and her team to write my website and sales page copy was seriously the best investment.”

“They took all the ideas and information I had and created a copywriting masterpiece, infusing my personality and brand into the website copy so seamlessly.

Plus, a huge added benefit of working with Krystle is the white glove experience she provides. It was honestly so easy for me to work with her, I just sat back and let her work her magic. I trust her completely, which is why I'm having her write my welcome email sequence, too!

For someone who is on the fence about hiring Krystle, I would say DO IT. It's a no brainer. I'd much rather pay to get it right the first time than to have to pay someone to re-do the work someone else did.”

 - Dr. Sheena Sikorski
Licensed Psychologist + Mindset Coach

What If I Told You That, When Kept In Check, Perfectionism Is…Kind Of Awesome?

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Even after our project officially wraps, you're never alone. I make a point to check in on copy, metrics, and progress toward goals. Then give recommendations for continued optimization and future growth.

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