A high-level mastermind for the experienced copywriter ready to build a multiple six figure brand, secure their Big Vision, and scale-up.

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You can already see it.

Your business is the lifeline of your future

– a wealth-building mechanism that actively promotes generosity, impact, and freedom.

But despite earning more in your business than you ever have before - your growth has plateaued and each month after expenses you’re left wondering where the rest of your profit (and time) has gone.

You’re the bottleneck.


... And pretty much the all-star player.

You’ve reached a point where…

→ You’re consuming so much content in what’s proving to be an unproductive search for that one missing puzzle piece (that doesn’t truly exist)

→ You’re caught in a cycle of deploying so many new initiatives and tactics (from ^ said content) that don’t seem to yield results fast enough.

→ You finish every day wondering where the hours went; weeks flying by with barely any time to spend on growing your business let alone being able to prioritize self-care.   

→ You’re truly ready for a reliable, growing copywriting income built on strategic fundamentals instead of trendy tactics.

You’re CEO, CMO, & COO all at once –

You’re caught in a constant exchange of your time and energy for dollars.

And quite frankly, you’re exhausted.

You’ll work harder than most to get what you want but even though wearing all the hats with a GO-GO-GO mentality got you where you are today -

The same hustle isn’t going to get you to $300k+ and next-level expansion.

You need to be able to create space for yourself to breathe, relax, and                     


into a truly freedom-first business.

One where you can wake up each morning, grab your paddle board and float overtop of the reef…

(and not feel that tugging obligation to check Client Emails, Instagram, or Slack because you know your cash flow is running on autopilot)

One where you feel fully-energized, in alternating seasons of sprinting + solidifying, always driven towards ONE goal:

Creating an impact with intention for your clients, and your life.

Because the truth is

It’s about doing less, better.

*See Influencers, Marketing Gurus, Trending Online “experts”

Were wrong. 

It’s just that those people*

…the ones telling you to implement every strategy + tactic on the entrepreneur rolodex, leaving you with a piecemealed growth plan that doesn’t amount to a cohesive scalable, business blueprint - 

Predictable, year-on-year growth for a scaling business isn’t about doing MORE.

You’ve done everything right that you could up to this point

Because a scalable business is always a simple one.

→ Simplification is your Million Dollar Masterplan ← 

You’re ready to finally have a business that gives you the freedom you set out for in the first place.

You’re ready to do away with over-complicated business models + unscalable 1:1 services and create a streamlined path to scale

You’re ready for a deeper level of support, systems, structure and strategy to help you double or triple what you’ve already created

You’re ready for Predictability, Consistency + Confidence that this business can sustain you and your family’s dream future for the long-haul

You’re ready to be part of an elite network - for collaborations, referrals, friendship, and long-term opportunity

…and you’re ready for enough recurring revenue in your business to create the freedom and the peace you’ve been craving

You're Ready For...

A 12-month, high-touch mastermind for experienced copywriters ready to become unstoppable, scaling, multi-6 figure Founders.

FFC combines deep masterminding + coaching to help you grow a freedom-first, highly-profitable copywriting business that can fuel your desired impact + lifestyle.

Each month, you’ll join 3X LIVE Mastermind Calls where we’ll uncover the proven strategies, systems, structures, and mindset shifts that have helped me, and our incredible past students create 20k-100k+ months.

($21,000 VALUE) 

But my friend, that's just the tip of the iceberg…

We know that growing a scalable AND freedom-filled business requires so much more than most masterminds offer…

But FFC isn’t like “most” masterminds.

(In fact, it’s unlike any other Copywriter-Specific Mastermind on the market)

We’ve created a holistic growth container + combined every tool you need to triple your revenue this year and create predictable year-on-year growth thereafter.

How We’ll Build Your Intentional Business + Lifestyle


Your Board of Advisors

To jump lightyears ahead in your business, you need the current, proven strategies from experts still working in their field. Forget cookie cutter generalist coaches trying to answer all the questions from 100+ students - we've assembled a team of specialists to give you real expertise in the areas you need to scale, in a small-group environment:

Time to meet the Specialists in your Corner


Krystle Church


I know the complexities of scaling a series of offers in a saturated market. And more deeply - the nuances of doing so in a world defaulting to male voices.

The KC Brand was started with a singular focus that remains at the forefront of all we do today: Empowering + giving a voice to women-owned businesses ready to show up fully as themselves and take that message to scale. 

Whether helping industry-leading female founders amplify their reach via the KC Copy Studio, or closely mentoring Copywriters in expanding their revenue + impact, I truly love the work that I do and the deep, personal impact I’m able to create with all my clients. I bring a no-fluff, supportive yet hold-you-accountable approach that helps clients move past limiting beliefs and disjointed strategies and into streamlined businesses set up to scale.

Krystle is a Copywriting Agency Owner, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, and educator with a decade of experience in curriculum & instruction.

Dale Darby


Dale Darby is the Business Development Manager behind the KC brand’s $100k+ launches, consistent 5-Figure Months and biggest revenue generating passive funnels.

Using his years of experience marketing at a multi-million dollar financial advisory firm, he’ll help you scale your passive income, develop automated High-Quality Lead Gen and keep your marketing fresh + converting. You'll have daily access to Dale via Circle, with additional bi-monthly trainings on the latest, high-converting strategies in the industry.

Mariela De La Mora


Mariela De La Mora helps aspirational women become empowered leaders - combining her 16 years of experience as Director of Marketing for a multi-million dollar business.

Her expertise + leadership has helped 8-Figure CEOs, multi-billion dollar companies + members of the United Nations to build highly profitable brands. She’s since built a half a million dollar business as a single mom, serving clients all over the world. You'll work directly with Mariela bi-monthly during our Leadership + Business Coaching calls.

($18,000 VALUE)

Our Proprietary Certainty-Builder Framework

You crave certainty in your business, just like your clients do in theirs - With our proprietary Certainty-Builder Framework, we help you take the guesswork out of sustainable growth.


Together we'll pinpoint what's holding you back and identify what you need to refine across these four core areas:

Your Irresistible Offer(s)

We’ll help you realize: Your scalable business model through Self-Study Courses, Products, DFY Services, Consulting, Coaching, or Agency Growth. Including perfecting the structure, promise, transformation, internal support and much more.

Your High-Quality Lead-Generation

Mastering the attraction of high-quality prospects to your primary offer is paramount to the success of your brand. Together we’ll focus on: Primary Traffic Sources (Organic & Paid), Perfecting your Messaging, and Executing on your Unique Marketing Plan 

Your Predictable Sales Mechanism

With a steady stream of leads entering your space, creating or optimizing your sales system is essential for increased profit margins, average order value, and life-time value of your customer. (Think: Form, Sales Messaging, Mechanism Creation, Testing, + Optimization)

Your Systems to Scale

Our priority is to continually remove you from the weeds - aka the tasks that don’t serve you or the business long-term. Developing your Internal operations, automating the backend, refining your infrastructure, hiring + delegating, learning to lead yourself and your lean team - all of this allowing you to gain back more CEO white space and create exponential growth.

We’ve created a curriculum covering every strategy you need to scale - from audience attraction, to teams, live-launching, emails, evergreen funnels, and so much more.

This 4-Part Framework is both cyclical + symbiotic to support true scalability at every stage of growth. Meaning you can rinse + repeat the steps in this framework all the way to the top.

Swipe all my shortcuts + solutions and skip the trial-and-error grind behind becoming a true industry leader.

($9,000 VALUE)


Copywriting Support

Sales Page not converting? Content lacking the likes? Ad copy burning through your budget? We’ve got you covered.

Inside FFC you'll get access to monthly Copy Critiques + challenges to continually hone your (and your team's) craft. Whether for a final check over automated client emails, or a guided eye on your new sales page… 

We’ll take the question out of your copy.

So you can deliver with confidence.

($8,000 VALUE)

A Network of Trusted Confidants + Close Connections 

This is an elite mastermind; So instead of quiet, stale Slack groups, you'll be joining a community of friends and business partners to truly collaborate with and grow alongside. Any question you have, we’ll answer for you. Any roadblock you have, we’ll solve with you.


Growth becomes easier when fueled by the power of proximity.

Past FFC members have gone on to collaborate on events, marketing initiatives, hire one another, create referral partnerships, among building personal relationships for lasting support.

($7,200 VALUE)

But in FFC, we’re here to help you create a sustainable business that reliably brings you more peace, joy + freedom as you grow

This alone is everything you need to scale to multi-6 + 7 figures

Bi-Monthly Specialist Trainings from Industry Leaders

Learn from the best in the industry in LIVE workshops run by true niche specialists. Using data collected from your check-ins, experts are hand-picked to teach on the specific areas you’d benefit from most.

A few of our past speakers

Mindset + Nervous System 

Cara Barone

PR + Media Placements

Hannah Nieves

Meditation + Inner Confidence

Liberate Studios

Wealth Building + Financial Planning

Kaitlin Carlson

Successful Course Creation

Ariel Schiffer

($4,200 VALUE)

Bonus 1

The Resource Vault

You’ll not only get access to bespoke resources for each phase of growth but I’ll share personal resources and templates from the KC archives to help you uplevel with ease. 

👉🏼 Workflows, Spreadsheets, Pitch Decks, Sales Scripts, Templates, Hiring Guides, the list goes on and on and on and on…

Just Click, Grab, Implement
And you’re good to go.

($2,000 VALUE)

Building a multi-6 figure business doesn't mean waiting to be happy in the future. In fact, the only way to get your desired lifestyle and mindset is to start working on it now. 

That’s why, besides our ongoing coaching focus on crafting your Optimal Lifestyle, we’re bringing in Wellness experts to guide you through personal well-being and self-care experiences to help you feel the feels.

Quarterly Wellness Sessions

In Freedom Found Collective, the Freedom starts now

($2,400 VALUE)

Bonus 2
Bonus 3

3X Monthly LIVE Mastermind Coaching Calls

Worth $21,000

12-Month Access to Your Board of Advisors

Worth $18,000

The Proprietary Certainty-Builder Framework

Worth $9,000

Monthly Copywriting Support

Worth $8,600

A Network of Trusted Confidants + Close Connections

Worth $7,200

BONUS: Specialist Trainings from Industry Leaders

Worth $6,200

BONUS: The Resource Vault

Worth $2,000

BONUS: Quarterly Wellness Sessions

Worth $2,400

Sold separately, the total value for this Mastermind is


But you can claim your spot at this exclusive 12-Month Mastermind today for a tiny fraction of the individual cost.

Book your Free Call now to get all of the info

It’s time to hone your competitive advantage +
Scale a business that fuels your ideal future.

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Meet Amanda Bourbonais

FFC is extremely comprehensive as a program - It’s everything you need to know to scale your business to any level you want to get to.

I increased my income relatively quickly from the start of the program. There was almost an energetic thing that happened, where I just decided to invest and then it happened in an easy way. My whole thing is making sure my health is a priority in my life and business and from FFC, I feel like I've become stronger in adhering to that lifestyle. Now, there's a whole new chapter opening up for me and my business and it feels really good + aligned!

If you have a vision of where you want your business to go, and maybe it seems a little out of reach or a little bit too big - This is where you want to be if you want to make that happen.

It's definitely worth it and has been a huge return on investment for me.

Meet Megan Smyth

Getting to learn from Krystle with all the personalized feedback and support - I just felt like I had found someone who believed in me! 

Having that confidence and clarity in growing to the next stage was such a big thing, and the calls + community were so valuable because we always ended up solving problems I didn't even realize I had!

The level of connection and the caliber of women in this group and how supportive everyone was - I had high expectations, but they were still exceeded.

So, in summary I’d say, trust your gut - because this can feel like a scary decision, but it’s scarier to stay stuck in the same place you’re in now. If you know that you can commit to showing up and putting in the work and giving this community your all, then you'll get the same back out of it. I wasn't sure if I should push myself to join the Mastermind but it turned out to be the best decision!

Meet Nicole Malthaner

I’m so much happier now about where my business is headed, and confident as well. Like I CAN do this - I know that now.

Before FFC, I was struggling a lot with client work and no space whatsoever to even think about myself, but now in the morning I have such a balance - I don't check my phone. I don't open Instagram. I go to the gym first. And then get into client work with people I like.

The accountability in FFC was great - to either talk you off a ledge or motivate you. And Krystle was so supportive, but gave us the kick in the ass we needed as well. So if you're really feeling anywhere remotely, like I was, you need support. You need it. You can't do it alone. And you need somebody that can show you the ropes as a true mentor and consultant.

Would you rather have six months of excuses, or six months of progress? That's what you have to decide.

Meet Jenna Ryba

Yes, Krystle’s a genius at helping you reach your income goals, but she also focuses a lot on your lifestyle goals too.

I didn’t want to work on Fridays and she helped me structure my business in a way that I don’t have to! Before working with her I didn’t see how it could be possible because I was working all the time. 

If you’re thinking about working with Krystle definitely do it, she is extremely generous with her time and knowledge and all the resources she provides. 

I mean it when I say

Freedom Found Collective is one of a kind


Group calls with 50+ strangers trying to get their questions answered


Small + intimate cohorts of friends, capped at 16 people to give you the time you need to be heard + helped - Alongside a large, growing whole-group network at your fingertips for collaborations, opportunities, and relationship-building


Not knowing where to start or how to move forward until the next call


The proven, step-by-step Certainty Builder Framework + M-Th Circle Channel for daily support in increasing your revenue every year - to your first $250k and far beyond.


Wondering if your (or your team’s) copy is good enough to close those high-ticket clients


Monthly Copy Support + Reviews from an industry leading Copy Studio.
No more wondering how to optimize your sales pages emails - Just send it our way for review and breathe easy.


Receiving vague advice + trendy tactics your coach has never used themselves


A panel of true experts, specializing in what’s current + timeless in their niche. Your new Board of Advisors has the technical know-how to help you plan, optimize + scale any project.  


Trying to do this all alone, with no-one in your corner.


A supportive community of like-minded women working towards similar goals. Real connection with peers + Daily access to your Advisors via the Private Circle Group
We’ll walk your path together.


Spending the next year playing small, stuck as the bottleneck - with marginal profits to show for it


A new level of accountability, both personally and in your business, to step into the role of empowered CEO + create a freedom-lifestyle + income that would have seemed unimaginable a few years ago...

Meet Ashley Crowe

FFC makes it so practical, scalable and achievable - And that's huge!

My business was sustainable and it was working for me, but I wanted to take it to that next level. 
I had ideas, but they didn’t feel concrete, they were like pipe dreams. And I didn't know how to take those ideas past where I already was.

Now, when I look back at the steps that I've taken and the progress I've made, it really is a lot; My family was always the priority and now I’m launching new offers that feel really good to me and create that balance I want. The support has just been amazing and the group of women that were traveling this road with me were so fabulous - everybody clicked.

For anyone looking for coaching that is really, really individualized to you and your goals, especially when it comes to work-life balance, you couldn't make a better choice - I have zero regrets!

Meet Heather Rameau

After FFC, I feel more clear, I feel at ease and I feel less scattered.

If you are feeling stuck or stagnant or you're spinning your wheels, get yourself in a room that scares you.

When I started FFC, I had five or six different offers that were so confusing for me to keep up with, let alone my audience - I was just trying to be everything for everyone. But being able to simplify and get really clear and really good at one to two things has allowed me to find joy in the simplification, the calm + the spaciousness.

Now, I’m able to live my life with the people that I love and experience what brings me genuine joy, which is traveling and being present in my life - all while building a business that’ll provide for me in the future. I will just never again be someone who turns a blind eye to the life happening right now in order to build my business. They can coexist, and it's necessary that they do.

Meet Baylee Jennings

If you join FFC, you're going to be a rocket - and by the end you’ll be in a place you could never even imagine.

The whole point of FFC is extra brains + extra hands on deck to help you step forward into your next phase with confidence about exactly who you are and what you want to bring to the table. The combination of group support, community + 1:1 support is what made it really stand out to me.

I had a lot of impostor syndrome before, but now I feel really competent in what I’m doing. I've learned how to create those boundaries, and say no to the people who just don’t fit. After making that switch, it was life changing, because I was able to just do the work that I love. 

I recently had a finance meeting where I realized I’d hit all my goals and then some, so coming from someone who’s made a major transformation in business - I would say do it. 

You’ll unlock your opportunity to:

Invest your time not only in your company, but in living your life and experiencing the now that you only get once of.

Run a highly-profitable business that brings new opportunities into your world.

Have choice in how to live out your version of Freedom, with control over how you spend your time - More vacations, family time, work/life balance, financial freedom - It’s all possible.

Feel energized, fulfilled, and passionate about the work you’re doing and client’s you’re supporting.

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that any problem that arises, is one you have the personal skills and network to solve with confidence and ease.

Feel empowered not only by your journey, but by those around you that you’ve cultivated deep-rooted, long-lasting friendships with

Become your true next-level, high-earner self

Be financially secure, feel at ease swiping your debit card for a 5-star vacation or buying your dream home

Hi, I’m
Krystle Church.

Hi, I’m Krystle Church.

While now you see me with a multi-6 figure business, running the KC Copy Studio and helping other Copywriters actuate on their ambition…

Just a few short years ago I was an elementary-school teacher turned burnt-out + broke Copywriter hopping between business strategies just trying to build some traction - yet not seeing any real growth.

Until one day when a Mastermind came along offering a chance to learn from people who had achieved EXACTLY what I wanted to achieve, I remember sitting down next to my partner, hitting ‘Join’ and both of us staring at the single biggest investment that I had ever made in my business.

Was it scary? Utterly Terrifying.

But it also gave me a huge amount of relief - knowing that I wasn’t going to be doing it alone anymore, knowing that I’d no longer be guessing at what might work, but instead using the tried-and-proven strategies others had grown with.

We ripped out the stuttering parts of my business that didn’t serve me, allowing me to focus all my energy on month-to-month revenue growth.  

I built connections, crafted collaborations and supported my now closest business confidants.

We grew + changed together…

In less than 12 months I hit my first $100k year → the learnings of which soon resulted in my first 100k month. 

I still marvel at how that one investment has poured dividends into not only a revenue ROI but compounded opportunity cost that just keeps growing.

It was my journey from my first $50-200k that taught me…

In order to scale up - you have to become the next version of yourself. 

And the only way to do that, is to get inside the right, expansive room. One that will Push you. Catch you. Transform you.

It’s true what they say: You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. 

For me, everything changed when I got in the right rooms. Built my network. Learned from Mentors. 

So the question isn’t → where or how are you spending your time to grow your business over the next 12 months - the question is, WHO are you spending it with?

It’s time to become the next version of yourself & sit at the table with successful peers + Pros

Welcome to your network

Apply now

“Krystle is INCREDIBLY generous with her knowledge.”

– MIRNA SEGAL, Coaching Client

She really helped me totally reevaluate how I was running my business and see how she ran hers. I realized that it is actually possible to make money or make good money while also having time for self-care. 

Krystle, you have literally shaped my business and I love you for that!”

They did it - so can you.

My biggest win when working with Krystle is feeling aligned and confident in my business again! I now have the tools and knowledge to scale my business as I’m ready, and most importantly, I am confident in my offers, my pricing, and my business!

Whether you’re scaling for something now or in the future, Krystle gives you exact breakdowns of how you should honor yourself and your work to set yourself up for success.

Working with Krystle helped me give myself permission to create a business that works for my lifestyle.

Kayla Hord

coaching Client

I always look for mentors that have created a business model that aligns with how I want to create my own business. And with Krystle’s help I mapped out my offer suite to align with how I want to work in my business and create more space in my life. 

Being in Krystle’s energy and seeing first hand how she runs her business will give you the shortcuts to get to where you want to be.

Laura Dick

coaching Client

Everything was tailored to me and as someone who runs a different business than a lot of my competitors, Krystle's ability to offer personalized advice was really valuable. 

Krystle, you know how nervous I was at first and I genuinely felt so comfortable and confident in my decision just minutes into that initial call! I'm so appreciative of all your time and hope we can work together in the future!

Krystle is not like other people in the online education and coaching space. I never felt like she was checking boxes of a cookie-cutter method.

Delaney Vetter

coaching Client


Success is not random -

Anyone* can create their dream business by learning a specific set of skills for predictable, year-on-year growth

*yep, that’s you, my Friend

No more feeling like you’re missing the one ‘answer’ or ‘secret’ you need to be successful…

With our ‘Certainty Builder Framework’ + personalized coaching we’ll give you a customized roadmap to scale, so you know ‘which’ strategies to implement ‘when’ and get you waking up every day motivated + focused on your next steps for revenue growth.

No more comparing yourself to other women at vastly different stages of business…

Your journey is unique (just like you) and we’ll give you an individual business plan that reflects that. With a clear path to your revenue + freedom goals in hand, our experienced coaches will guide you out of comparisonitis + replace your limiting beliefs with the ones you need to become your empowered CEO self.

No more 14 hour workdays as you struggle to get everything done…

In Freedom Found Collective, simplicity is everything. We’ll show you how to increase your revenue through ONE sophisticated, scalable business model - so you can exhale the nagging voice saying “I’m not doing enough” and feel confident that your energy is being used where it matters. 

And most importantly

No more wondering if you can actually do the damn thing:

aka → grow a multi-6 or 7 figure business that can give you real freedom…

Past Freedom Found Collective Alumni have entered the community with:

✗ Broken business models

✗ Zero cash in the bank

✗ Dried up lead pools

✗ Dysfunctional teams

✗ Doubt about their potential

✗ Low profit margins

✗ Streaks of burnout

✗ Unsuccessful launches

✗ No personal brand

✗ No supportive, likeminded network

✗ Overbooked calendars

✗ A graveyard of flopped growth strategies

+ The drive and determination to turn these ^ into the biggest learning lessons

And now they’re:

🍾 Scaling New Revenue Streams

🫰 Funding Second Businesses

💸 Paying off Tens of Thousands in Debt

🤩 Securing Dream Clients

🌴 Working 20-Hour Weeks

🤸 Taking Fridays Off

✈️ Traveling the World 

🏡 On Track to Buy Their Dream Home

🦒 Taking Their Family On Dream Vacations

📈 Launching Successful New Programs

🧘 Putting Their Health First

🌎 Digital Nomading Full-Time with Their Business

💪 Landing 6+Figure Brand Deals

🥂 Building Lives They Love

These are the lives we’re creating inside of Freedom Found Collective

Come Join us.

Ready to build a business + life you love?

Join freedom found collective

Minimum 12-Month Commitment to this Growth Container

Krystle is the QUEEN OF SUPPORT. She genuinely wants to see you win! I am so grateful for this experience!

You can't help but start to think bigger about how to design a business that works around the lifestyle that you want to have. And of course, she has all of the strategies, tools, spreadsheets, templates, and more to get you there!

– Jenna Ryba

I was hitting a bit of a wall and feeling too "comfortable" and that SCARED me. I had taken so many trainings and read so many books, yet time was going by and I wasn't really getting anywhere. Our conversations challenged me to look within the parts of myself that are trying to keep me small and safe. Now, I'm stepping into my role as a CEO. 

The biggest benefit of working with Krystle inside of FFC was getting to be in the energy of a woman who has built a business (rather quickly!) that sets a higher standard for how service-providers GET TO work and live. 

Krystle’s an incredible mentor who has built her business in a way that feels aligned, scalable, future-focused, and freedom-driven.” 

  • My agency is booked out 3-4 months in advance
  • I’ve made major biz decisions and investments based on how my future 7-figure CEO self would make the decision
  • I booked a five-star summer family holiday in Greece with a seafront room and semi-private pool... something I’ve dreamed of for years.

And so much more!

After working with Krystle, I finally feel like I am on track to achieving the scalable, freedom-focused business that I set out to achieve since day one:

Elizabeth Averyanova

coaching Client

Initially I was feeling really stuck, unmotivated, and unaligned. I needed accountability but I didn't want to work with another coach that only talked about how much money you could make. 

Working with Krystle gave me such a clear path to leveling up each part of my business - client experience, visibility, email marketing, systems. Plus, I brought on a Jr. Copywriter and was able to take on a big retainer client that I would have had to turn down before. I've never interviewed or hired anyone before, but Krystle walked me through the process - what questions to ask, things to consider, and shared her own experiences. I know I wouldn't have made the leap otherwise!

Every time I had a question, or some anxiety popped up along the path, Krystle was right there with solid answers, recommendations, encouragement, and even more advice.

Krystle gave me the confidence to bring on a Jr. Copywriter and grow my team!

Katie Boyce

coaching Client

What’s Mine is Yours

Unlike other programs for copywriters where the hosts are ready to teach you how to make $ through DFY services, but not at all willing to teach you their strategy to scale competing coaching programs, agency models, high-level consultancy or though passive courses - I am here to help you build your Exit Strategy. You want the strategies, the experience and the knowhow, you got it.

Systems, Insights, Support - 

Ready to accelerate your growth even faster?

Join the VIP Tier and level-up with exclusive private access to your Advisors: Krystle, Mariela, and Dale.

Get all the benefits of core KC products: Full long-term access to Ignite Your Inbox, Day Rate Genius Masterclass, and Elevated Brand Accelerator so you can have all the tools you need to take things to the next level at a special FFC-only rate.

Freedom Tier

VIP Tier

Your Board of Advisors ($18,000 Value)

Certainty-Builder Curriculum ($9,000 Value)

Monthly Copywriting Reviews ($8,600 Value)

High-Level Networking + Community ($7,200 Value)

Bi-Monthly Specialist Trainings from Industry Leaders ($4,200 Value)

Resource Vault ($2,000 Value)

Quarterly Wellness Sessions ($2,400 Value)

→ Quarterly 1:1 Calls with Krystle ($4000 Value)

→ (One) 1:1 Leadership Coaching Call w/Mariela De La Mora ($1000 Value)

→ (One) Comprehensive Private Funnel Audit: Assets, Copy, and Strategy w/Dale Darby ($3500 Value)

Sold separately, the total value for this Mastermind is


But you can claim your spot at this exclusive 12-Month Mastermind today for a tiny fraction of the individual cost.

Book Your Free Call Now To Get All Of The Info

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Got a few More Questions Before You Hit That “Apply” Button?
Peruse the most-asked

Freedom Found Collective is one of, if not the most, comprehensive + concrete masterminds you’ll find in this space that’s specifically tailored to help copywriters grow outside of project work and to new revenue heights. Many group coaching programs just give you one piece of the puzzle but this 12-month container lays out a clear roadmap to growing a multi-6 figure business - Including personalized coaching, a curriculum of self-paced strategies based on the signature ‘Certainty Builder Framework’ that brought me to where I am today, Monthly Copywriting support, AND an active + engaged community.

In essence, Freedom Found Collective was created to give you both short-term wins and a thriving sustainable business that can fuel your freedom-filled lifestyle long-term.

The next FFC cohort officially kicks off in next few months and we keep groups small for more personalized, quality support. Spaces are already filling so get your application in now before all the seats are taken.

You should be a copywriter earning between $60k-$300k in revenue annually ($5k - $25k months) and ready to fully participate in the program to see maximum results.

The investment varies based on the support level you choose, but there are multiple installment options + pay-in-full bonuses available, all backed by the 'Double Growth Guarantee' → You make back double your investment or we work with you until you do.

Due to the nature of our services and level of support, there are no refunds. (And we’ve never been asked for one!)

Receive intimate support in a growing community. Krystle and the KC Team are here to provide high-touch support on a daily and weekly basis. Expect direct access to Krystle and Funnel expert Dale, daily in our private community and multiple times per month on our live calls together, during guest sessions, pop-up events, and more.

This program is ideal for copywriters who:
  • Run an agency and want to grow it, get out of being the bottleneck, or add additional revenue streams
  • Offer 1:1 project services and want help in choosing and creating a scalable business model, one that brings more flexibility and freedom
  • Has a Coaching Program (or an idea for one) and is ready to turn up the dial and make it a huge success
  • Wants to scale via self-study courses or digital products either in tandem with DFY services or to replace copy projects all together

It’s less about how you’re working now and more about how you want to be working in your business. If you’re dedicated to changing things for the better, Krystle + Co. will help you make that happen.

There are limited seats available to ensure the highest-standard of care for each of our clients and we tend to book up in advance.
You’re here for a reason - To see real change as quickly as possible. And getting the mentorship + frameworks you need NOW will help you rise to the top of your game sooner.

APPLY HERE and we will review your application to ensure you're a good fit for this community. The group is carefully-curated and each person hand-chosen for this mastermind to ensure they complement the community.

“Krystle delivers above and beyond on everything. If you think you're going to get A, B, C, she will deliver the entire alphabet.”

– Sam Boettger, coaching client

With her as my coach, I now know that the life and business I want to create is possible. Krystle made me feel like no goal was unattainable or selfish or unrealistic. She helped me see beyond what I had already envisioned and stretched me to consider not only what I wanted to do as a copywriter but also how I wanted to feel doing it, and how I could build this around my life, rather than building my life around work. For that I am forever grateful.

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Results and income earned will vary based upon your individual circumstances, the effort and education of your business’ employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control. While we make every effort to ensure products and services are adequately represented, we make no claims as to the results you will personally achieve. The testimonials are hereby used for educational and exemplary purposes only, and while they show real experiences from past clients, their business’ results, alongside Krystle’s, are not necessarily deemed typical. Any statements about potential income you could possibly earn made by Krystle Church Consulting and Freedom Found Co. Pte. Ltd. are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn.