I believe

You deserve to spend more time with your toes in the sand than with your fingers on the keyboard

Pillow Talk:

You started your business for more


Yet reaching your next big goal seems to move further away with every new task added to your ClickUp board. 

With marketing, client projects, launches, let alone trying to write (and nail) your own copy, you’re working just as much - or more - than you did at your old 9-5.

...which has got you wondering where all that elusive flexibility is that your Business Owner title was meant to grant you in the first place. 

*slides glasses down nose and peers skeptically at the online space*

I feel you. 

I’ve been you.

And I’m here to help YOU take back your freedom and design a business that works around your life... not the other way around.

*Cue entrance with my MacBook in one hand and a pitcher of margaritas in the other*

How it all started

I'm an Email Copywriter + Business Coach for service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to live a life with more time and financial freedom.

(holy guac was I wrong)

I thought I’d found the best of both worlds

While most of my besties were busy climbing the corporate ladder and buying a house in the burbs, I was moving to a new country every year as a 4th Grade teacher overseas.

What started as a year away quickly turned into a lifestyle abroad

When I wasn’t in the classroom teaching littles what it means to be sarcastic, I was living out of my backpack exploring the jungles of Borneo, the Volcanoes of Costa Rica, and the cobblestone streets of Montenegro.

*Which may or may not have taken my Mom a few years to get used to.

Rewarding Career
Freedom to Travel

As much as I loved teaching, the rest of my time was spent in an unhealthy work environment with a sexist boss (*cue all the exasperated sighs), his boys’ club atmosphere, and a constant cycle of waiting for the next weekend or holiday to roll around -

...waiting to finally feel free - feel like myself again - feel ALIVE again

The thought of wishing 5/7ths of my life away for the next 40 years had me reaching for my passport and mustache disguise faster than my Dad could talk me out of it.

(Must be the Enneagram 7 in me 😉)

It all looked good on paper, but...

I felt unhappy and unfulfilled

So I dug out my contract, found a loophole and QUIT

And you know what? I never felt more alive in my whole life.

I jumped full-force into email marketing, conversion copy, and how to deliver A+ results to my clients.

I took one look around the online space and saw a total lack of quality client experiences andddd service providers who actually delivered the good stuff. 

So I vowed to do things differently. I dedicated the KC Brand to delivering top-tier copywriting services helping coaches and service providers become the No. 1 choice for their clients with personality-bursting emails + sales pages that convert.

Within 6 months of business, I replaced my monthly 5-figure income, was known as THE go-to Email Copywriter in the space, and grew my business with freedom, flexibility, and impact.

(A portion of all projects go to support WOC in developing countries.)

Since then, I’ve built trust as a mentor for other service providers looking to build and scale their businesses and live life on their own terms, too. 

And voila! My signature trio of Email Marketing, Brand Authority, and Luxe Client Experience was born.

Let’s uncork the good stuff

Work with Me + The Team

Grow with Mentorship

Learn with Courses

Hang with the Podcast

Currently Living In

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Tacos Eaten

Countries Traveled To




51 ...and counting

Welcome to

The Only Pub Quiz I Could Win

Go-to Netflix binge:


Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bridgerton, and reruns of The Office

On the weekend’s you can find me:


On a hike with my main squeeze ♡

Life motto:


Do what makes you happy

My favorite place on Earth:


☂ Portland, Oregon - my home town! Cue craft cider, vegetarian deliciousness, and high school friends

My personality type:


Enneagram 8 (wing 7), ENFJ

Something crazy I’ve done is:


Gone scuba diving with Bull Sharks - eeek!

My first-ever job was:


Scooping ice-cream at my Dad’s candy shop on the beach

Someday I want to:


Do a round-the-world van life trip, become a dog-mama, listen to live music in Nashville

I’ve also got more than great street cred.

(So my parents think I’m legit)

Bachelor of Arts - Concordia University
Master of Arts - University of Sydney

So are you going to...

Blend into the Noise? 
Show up as anything other than YOU?
Grow your business with unaligned strategies that give you the icks?
Nah - 
That’s not how we do things here. And I’m guessing hoping you’re down with that.

I believe in curating businesses and copy with integrity, intentionality, and straight-up human realness.

Because cookie-cutter business plans and DIY copy templates will only get you so far - ...like just around the block. 
Stand out and scale with whole-hearted goodness.


A portion of all project proceeds are donated to nonprofits helping people of color in developing countries seek safety as refugees, send their children to school, and start or grow their own businesses.


my favorites:




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3 Customizable, Copy-Paste Launch Emails
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PLUS - Your very own Bonus Segmentation Template

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