and wonder how they pulled *that* out of their brains and onto the page?

Ever peep someone’s impeccably-crafted sales page – or open their flawless email sequence –

How they —
→ Decided what messaging would prevail
→ Effortlessly carried you from the first sentence to card-in-hand

for your course

for your services

for your mastermind

for your signature offer

for your product

And of course —
→ How YOU can close the same ‘HELL YES’ customers... 

Maybe you’ve tried knocking back a few margs, cracking open Google Docs and letting the words for your latest offer pour out of you like lyrics to Anti-Hero…

(even though they never quite seem to show up for you the way Taylor does)

Or maybe your current sales emails or page is doing okay but you know a level-up is necessary to match your new era(s) of brand expansion…

The truth is: crafting high-converting copy is a skill that takes years and a plethora of projects to develop. And that shouldn’t be on you, the Founder, to figure out how to master on top of, ya know, scaling your business.

You need sales copy that does more than prompt TL;DR replies from your hottest leads 🥱

To Really Hit Your Stretch Goals?

You need compelling copy that captivates first-look leads…

Combined with the skills and experience of a seasoned copywriting team that knows what to say at precisely the right time to prompt the purchase.

And you need it stat.

Because no matter what you’ve heard...

That’s why we use my signature KC method to develop your unique, tailor-fit sales messaging – with a quick-turnaround process for the busy Founder (← *ahem* that’s you 😉)

Conversion isn’t an isolated, momentary transaction. 

Conversion is a journey. 

“If you dream about having that perfect email sequence — you'll have it after working with Krystle!”

And if you’re looking to work with someone who is relatable, approachable, and can take all your ideas and goals of what you want your email marketing to accomplish, and turn it into a beautiful customer journey— Krystle is it!

- Lauren Chamberlain, Social Media Marketer


Get sharp-witted, stand-out sales copy on a VIP Timeline

Say Hello to Your

VIP Copy Day Rate

A 1-2 day high-quality, quick turn-around email sequence or sales page copy project for established female founders ready to step-up with masterfully-crafted, she-totally-gets-me, copy that’ll help you hit your stretch goals.

This is perfect for your:

In a nutshell 

We make your emails the best part of her inbox.

→ Course or Program Sales Pages
→ Evergreen Email Sequence
→ Welcome Sequence
→ Pre/Post Webinar Sequence
→ Partial Launch Sequence 


The KC Studio Team - on your side

I don’t mean to brag buttttt —
Unlike other copywriters, when you book a VIP Day with the KC Team you’ll have a minimum of TWO seasoned copywriters (Krystle included) dedicated to making your project an unfettered success. 

Plus, we do all your project prep BEFORE your actual day rate so the hours you book with us are solely dedicated to putting pen to paper and executing on our already planned and prepped messaging for your brand. 

Email + Sales Page Copy Done in a Day

How it Works

Before your VIP Day even begins, Krystle + Co. will data-mine, collate key messages, identify voice of customer research, and deep-dive into your business in our intensive Kickoff Call, Laying out a strategic plan and direction for your messaging.


Then, as we jump head-first into your VIP Day, you can sit back and relax with a margarita (or three) while we get to crafting custom conversion copy that infuses research findings with your brand personality to boost engagement and drive more sales.


We’ll conduct internal revisions to ensure everything’s just *perfect* and at the end of the week you’ll receive your bespoke email or sales page copy with my personal guidance for implementation and design.


Starting at $4000

"I had zero edits."

– Averi Melcher, SEO Copywriter

I'm super protective over my brand and other people helping me with the written part of it. But she took so much time and cared to understand me, and nailed it on the first try. 

After two Day Rates of working with Krystle, I now have an awesome sales page copy and full funnel ready to rock and roll. 

So for anyone who is on the fence about working with Krystle, don't spend any more time thinking about it - scoop up her next open spot.

What You Get

90 Minute Intensive Strategy call with Moi and Co. to align your copy with your brand’s upcoming goals and map out perfect-fit key messages.

Data + Personality Mining to ensure every word we craft is both research-backed and has your ideal client head-nodding along.

Your bespoke email sequence or sales page copy ready to fill your funnel with right-fit leads and carry them to the point of sale.

A surprise or two to help you + your team nail your brand messaging long past our project together - we never leave you hanging.

The Copy Studio exclusively booked for your project with white-glove experience every step of the way, ensuring you barely have to lift a finger to get your funnel copy in no time.

100% ownership and Copyright of your delivered goods so you can use on repeat or even adapt for other pieces of your funnel.


“I am SO happy and I’m already seeing open rates increase from the first emails I’ve applied".

I don’t like writing emails and had no clue how to write ones that would convert, so I came to Krystle for copy strategy because of her expertise and passion for doing it right. 

The entire experience made me feel like a VIP and my email sequence is perfection!

 Krystle is THE go-to for copy strategy. I’d pay double.

- Ariel Schiffer, Founder of DreamPro

“Buy from Krystle. Work with Krystle. Hire Krystle."

I was a little bit worried at first honestly because I've tried so many copywriters from Fiverr, Instagram - you name it, I've tried it - and they all honestly cannot catch my voice. Until I got to Krystle.

She was impeccable, I’m not kidding. Whatever she puts out whether it be a product or a service, I need you to snatch it up because she is gold.

- Isis Woods, Founder of Brown Girl, Biz World

“Hands down the best investment and I'd do it again (because I am) in a heartbeat."

I went to Krystle to craft a nurture sequence to deliver to my new subscribers, and it was so seamless and easy. Krystle thought of every touch point and it showed in her customer journey.”

If you’re considering working with Krystle, DO IT! 

The client experience was white glove from start to finish. With her expertise, caliber of work, and personality, Krystle is truly such a pleasure to work with!”

- Hannah Nieves, CEO of The HN Brand

I’m serious about helping you stand out and sell with calibrated copy that kicks adequate to the curb.

You *could* hire another Instagram freelancer to write your emails for a fraction of the cost... and gamble on not only if it’ll effortlessly sound like you and resonate with your ideal client, but if it’ll actually get the job done you’re hoping it will. 

Or... you can hire a trusted conversion copywriter + squad who’s been there, learned that.

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Let’s get down to it


Ready for wins like these?

We tend to book up in advance.


Which means, we’re looking for perfect-fit projects we KNOW we can knock outta the park. 

If you’re looking to hit publish on your copy in the next 2-6 months, get your application in now.

Start your journey toward results-driven, irresistible copy.

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