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Grab a Mimosa and let’s toast to 4-day optional work weeks, innovation in our craft, and opportunities for advancement in a fun + growing company.

Find a Career with Team KC

Hell to the Yes! It’s time for us to bring another skilled and driven human into our tight-knit, core team.

When I set out to build a copywriting business in 2020 I knew flexibility and freedom were core values I’d carry throughout the growth of the brand. Because it truly is possible to create high-caliber, sought-after work - without subscribing to hustle culture.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done! Just over 2 years later, the KC Brand has expanded to offer two high-touch services to our clientele:

What We Do

Freedom-Found Co., most publicly known as Krystle Church Consulting, is a rapidly growing start-up with a two-pronged business model.

That feels damn good to say.

The KC Copy Studio

With a highly-skilled team, the KC Copy Studio is a boutique copywriting agency specializing in crafting personality-filled website, email and sales copy for industry-leading female founders + luxury brands.

The KC Education Platform

Supporting copywriters and other service-based entrepreneurs in growing businesses they love with ethical marketing and business strategies - through self-paced education and high-touch 1:1 coaching.

If you’re into collaborating with an all-female team and are focused on building a life that makes you feel good while doing work you’re passionate about, you’ll fit in well with us!

Marketing Coordinator

Is marketing and content writing your thing? We’d love you to consider bringing your marketing acumen to the business as we continue to grow.

As a core team member, you’ll be responsible for the implementation of our big marketing vision and small contributing details in our content - helping us serve our existing audience with ‘how is this free stuff so good?’ content that can’t help but welcome new members inside the KC community, too.

  • Train under and report directly to Krystle as you oversee and create our internal content strategy. We expect you to bring your best content writing skills to the table

  • Develop innovative ideas for expanding brand awareness and growing our audience base

  • Collaborate in planning Editorial Calendar and developing marketing strategies that support our launch calendar and goals - which means weaving strategic messaging into content while being receptive to adjustments when data shows it’s not working

  • Bring your writing prowess to the table while crafting our internal content, blogs, emails, social media captions, podcast shownotes - we value clear, personality-driven copy that leaves unnecessary words to the fate of your eraser and needs minimal revisions after training

  • Strong Design skills + ability to create using our brand’s visual look

  • Use data + analytics to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and plan for future implementation - our own content is where we love to play and experiment. We strategize, craft, and execute, then put our nerdy glasses on the case to suss out what methods hit a home run (and are worth doing again and again)

  • Facilitate market research in order to prep and strategize for upcoming campaigns - it’s no surprise as a copywriting agency that we value high-caliber writing, which always - always starts from market research. We’ll show you our ways and let this do the heavy lifting when it’s time to write

  • Be organized and self-motivated - we don’t have time for procrastination or dillydallying; we focus on creating a streamlined day-to-day so we can all get back to enjoying our time off our laptops, too (hence our 4-day optional work weeks). That said, commitment to staying focused and adhering to deadlines is key

  • Self-manage to meet internal deadlines with margin for questions & feedback

  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously - we work in a fast-paced environment and there's always something new and exciting on the docket

  • Detail-oriented - we value high-quality work. Attention to detail is very important to us

  • Be open and ready for collaboration - this position will include a high level of constructive feedback and training to help you continue to develop your already Grade A writing chops

  • Be ready to cheers the Team - our tight-knit group means everything to us and nothing we do is in a silo

Your main role and responsibilities:

  1. Our ideal candidate is university educated - we’re looking for someone with a Bachelors in marketing, creative writing, or similar with a keen interest in crafting compelling copy and content through an ethical lens

  2. You are a content writing pro with 1-3 years experience - and you’re not only good at putting pen to paper but are enthusiastic about the process and expanding your skillset

  3. High level communication skills with the ability to persuasively communicate in written form

  4. Experience with relevant marketing channels (Email Marketing, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Podcast) and the type of content best to achieve platform-specific goals - Plus, knowledge of SEO is a plus.

  5. Experiencing working with an online entrepreneur or small business is a plus

Your qualifications:



Social Media Copy
  • 6x Instagram feed captions per week (2 long, 2 mid, 2 short length)
  • Create branded graphic for relevant posts
  • Schedule Posts in Later
  • 6x Blogs per month (3 original, 3 repurposed)
  • 2x Pinterest Pins for each with relevant graphic
  • 1x Brief Description & Shownotes Weekly
  • 1x Pinterest Pin with relevant graphic
Email Copy
  • 4x Monthly Newsletter Emails
  • Craft client testimonials from surveys and repurpose them throughout total marketing plan (with a keen eye for strategic use with launch calendar)

Content Creation

  • Researching Media Outlets + Relevant Podcasts
  • Sending 40 pitches per month using templates provided and adapted for angles
  • Managing follow-ups and reporting on pitches
  • Crafting 1 Contributor Article per month

PR Oversight

  • Work closely with the CEO/OBM on a weekly basis to ensure projects are running smoothly
  • 1x Weekly team meetings
  • 1x Monthly Meeting with the Marketing Team to plan Editorial Calendar and discuss current and future initiatives
  • Ensuring CEO feels supported and marketing is targeted to business goals

Team Collaboration

The Fine Details:

  • This is a remote, contracted role.
               - Time zones must be compatible with the US and Mauritius.
               - While we have flexibility around when you log on, availability each day (M-Th) is a must so we can touch base with one another as needed

  • Part-Time (Approximately 15-20 hours per week)
  • Compensation is a flat retainer rate based on experience and qualifications.

To Apply, Please Click Here

Applications Close On August 20, 2022 - however this is a rolling process which means we’ll be reviewing applications as they are received.

Thank you so much for your interest and time - I can’t wait to hear from you!