It’s time to start living life
(and running your business) the way you really want to.

Freedom-Found Collective

With Krystle Church

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A high-touch + intimate 6-month Mastermind for ambitious female entrepreneurs wanting to scale with ease and finally step into your freedom lifestyle. 

Plus, relax and connect as we get away from it all with a luxury international retreat including accommodation, island activities, and in-person masterminding.

You started your business to have complete financial and location independence.

Yet this whole entrepreneurship journey has taken up more of your time and led you down more business rabbit-holes than the million ClickUp notifications dropping into your inbox every week. 
I get that.
And more often than not, it seems like your so-called ticket to freedom business is taking up the same if not more time than your old 9-5 did.
Leaving you feeling like you can’t even take a long-weekend, let alone a fully-fledged vacation, without everything in your business coming to a screeching halt.
You’re the bottleneck. 
The Overseer. 
The Doer. 
And pretty much All-Star Player.
You’re caught in a constant exchange of your time and energy for dollars.
And quite frankly, you’re exhausted.

You’re not afraid to work hard and go after what you want but you also know that even though wearing ALL the hats with a go-go-go mentality got you where you are today - the same hustle isn’t going to get you to 6 figures and next-level expansion.
Yep, I’ve been there, too 😉
You need to be able to create space for yourself to breathe, relax, and expand.

Plus, relax and connect as we get away from it all with a luxury international retreat including accommodation, island activities, and in-person masterminding.

You’re ready to grow your business into a truly thriving, freedom-filled lifestyle.

One where you can wake up each morning and not feel that tugging obligation to check Instagram, Voxer or Client Emails because you know things are running on autopilot…
Instead, you create your day-to-day in a way that feels good:
Early morning yoga
Brunch with the gals
Dream work with your favorite client
Collab-ing with drool-worthy partners
Free time with your family
Sunset Island hopping to your new favorite beach
You’re ready to take your business from solopreneur show to fully-fledged CEO allowing you to take on just dreamboat projects, say yes only to tasks that truly light you up, and actually spend more time away from your desk than you do at it. 

More than anything

You’re ready to finally have a business that gives you the freedom you set out for in the first place.

→ Becoming a leader, hiring perfect-fit team members and delegating like a pro.

→ Stepping into your next-level self and making decisions out of confidence, and your multi-6 and 7 figure vision.

→ Automating not only the backend of your business but creating strategized funnels that bring in revenue literally while you sleep.

→ Expanding upon your brand authority and building visibility in the media and PR.

→ Finally reaping the rewards of everything you’ve already set in motion so you can tap into your financial and location independence. 
And it’s about soaking up the high-level vibes of a tight-knit community of ambitious women to grow alongside, and the support from a mentor who’s been-there -learned-that and is ready to guide you toward freedom every step of the way. 

In a nutshell

True 6-figure expansion is about:

Introducing the...

Freedom-Found Collective

A high-touch + intimate 6-month Mastermind for ambitious female entrepreneurs wanting to scale to 10-20k+ months so they can start truly living their freedom lifestyle.

Together we’ll go deep through three main phases: Freedom Foundations, CEO Growth, Uplevel - Expand - Scale. 

Freedom-Found Collective is an actionable program designed to help you grow alongside each phase in real time. Set up systems that truly work for you, make your first (or next) hire, step into impactful leadership skills and a next-level mindset, and expand with strategic funnels that’ll sit at the core of your business growth for years to come. 

What You’ll Learn

Phase One

Freedom Foundations

→ Freedom Vision + Planning
→ Automation + Systems
→ Business Model Alignment
→ 6-Figure Mindset

Phase two

CEO Growth

→ Building Visibility with PR
→ Leadership + Hiring
→ Delegation + Stepping Away
→ Building Community

Phase three

Uplevel - Expand - Scale

→ Course + Program Creation
→ Funnel Strategy + Passive Income
→ Marketing + Launching
→ Financial Freedom + Investing

Let’s get real

Building a freedom-based business is about more than taking vacations every quarter 

(or month, you do you 😉)

It’s about building your life around your business, not the other way around - so you can truly LIVE. And in order to do that, you need two things:


The space for you to take a step back and breathe when you need to. The space to be more of a big picture visionary, the creative, or to step away and let that space filter into your personal life so you fill up your own cup whenever you need to.




We’re talking about fostering total and complete freedom for you to decide how you spend your days, weeks, and how you fully strategize your big-picture planning. 
For you to choose what you’d like to prioritize, spend your time doing, and of course, what you don’t. 
Most importantly, it’s the choice to build your business in a way that feels good to YOU. We’re not here to create cookie-cutter businesses that don’t align with your true freedom-vision.
Because, to be honest, what would be the damn point? 
Happiness and fulfillment in your business will come as a direct result of feeling totally and completely aligned with everything you’re doing. Which means, this isn’t about copying someone else’s lifestyle or product-suite. 
Freedom-Found Collective is for women who are ready to scale a business that’s uniquely theirs, redefine what it means to be a CEO, and live their true freedom lifestyle.

Are you ready to scale your business and find your freedom?

Spots are Limited.
*Early-Bird Bonuses Available*

- I’ve launched a now-highly successful VIP Day Rate offer that has been consistently in-demand
- My design agency is currently booked out 3-4 months in advance
- I’ve made major biz decisions and investments based on how my future 7-figure CEO self would make the decision
- I booked a five-star summer family holiday in Greece with a seafront room and semi-private pool... something I’ve dreamed of for years.
- I finally feel like I am on track to achieving the scalable, freedom-focused business that I set out to achieve since day one.

And so much more!

Krystle’s an incredible mentor who has built her service-based business in a way that feels aligned, scalable, future-focused, and freedom-driven.” 

“After working with Krystle, I finally feel like I am on track to achieving the scalable, freedom-focused business that I set out to achieve since day one and I’ve been able to reach several key milestones in my life and business:

Elizabeth Averyanova, Kajabi Designer & EBA Alumni

the structure

Go deep on strategizing your next launch, mapping out your upcoming hire, or talking through business roadblocks with Krystle with 6 private, in-depth coaching calls throughout the duration of FFC.

($3600 Value)

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call with Krystle

I truly believe that real-time support is an absolute must when learning how to grow your biz. Together we’ll come together as a community for live training and hot-seat coaching so you have support every step of the way.

($4000 Value)

2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls

This is where the magic happens! 1:1 support is vital in growing a uniquely-YOU business. I’ll be in your pocket to support you, answer questions, plan out next steps, and duh - cheer you on 🥳

($8000 Value)

Unlimited 1:1 Support via Voxer each week

Entrepreneurship isn’t only hard - it can also be lonely! Become a part of a small group of like-minded women to grow alongside, share wins with, get guidance from, and build relationships with for the years in business yet to come!

An Intimate Community who Gets It 

I’m not about just giving you strategy and then peacing out. Get in-depth feedback from both an expert copywriter AND business mentor on any copywriting or business pieces you’d like. Sales page copy, launch plan - YOU NAME IT, I’ll review it. 

($3200 Value)

Monthly Feedback Friday Access

Your go-to place dedicated to getting your must-ask questions answered, getting individualized feedback, and connecting with the group on a daily and weekly basis. 

($3600 Value

Private Slack Channel

Learn from the best in the industry as each month a new guest expert teaches a personalized masterclass to our private group. Topics and experts are strategically chosen to support each phase of your growth during FFC.

($2200 Value)

Monthly Guest Expert Masterclasses

You’ll not only get access to bespoke resources for each phase of growth but I’ll share personal resources and templates along the way to help you uplevel with ease. 

($950 Value)

Spreadsheets, Templates, and Resources - Oh My

Did someone say incredible perks?

Freedom-Found Collective includes the added-value of a luxury international retreat complete with accommodation, island activities, and in person business-growth masterminding.

($2600 Value)

Plus extra special VIP Treatment

Access to Elevated Brand Accelerator Modules + Resources

Want help creating white-glove client experiences, strategizing your product suite, building your authority, or nailing your sales process? I’ve got you. As a VIP Mastermind client, you’re getting complete access to EBA to help support each area of your business. Each EBA module is jam packed with workbooks, actionable templates, and spreadsheets galore so you can learn, grab, and implement right away.

Option to add-on
VIP Track

If you’re wanting all the benefits of Krystle’s core products, this option is bundled together to include full access to Ignite Your Inbox and Day Rate Genius Masterclass so you can have all the tools you need to take things to the next level at a special FFC-only price.

Say no more Krystle, I’m in!

Spots are limited. 
*Early-Bird Bonuses Available*

Initially I was feeling really stuck, unmotivated, and unaligned. I needed accountability but I didn't want to work with another coach that only talked about how much money you could make. 

Working with Krystle gave me such a clear path to leveling up each part of my business - client experience, visibility, email marketing, systems. Plus, I brought on a Jr. Copywriter and was able to take on a big retainer client that I would have had to turn down before. I've never interviewed or hired anyone before. Krystle walked me through the process - what questions to ask, things to consider, and shared her own experiences. I know I wouldn't have made the leap otherwise!

Every time I had a question, or some anxiety popped up along the path, Krystle was right there with solid answers, recommendations, encouragement, and even more advice.

“Krystle gave me the confidence to bring on a Jr. Copywriter and grow my team!

Katie Boyce, Copywriter & EBA Alumni

Meet your Mentor 

Krystle Church

Agency Owner, Business Mentor & Borderless Entrepreneur

I get it. Like really get it.

Not long ago I was right where you are. I’d built my business, authority and had a general stream of good clients and good income coming my way month after month. But tbh, it wasn’t the freedom I’d envisioned when I left my teaching job and became an entrepreneur. 
I was still spending so much time doing all the work. Client projects, content creation, daily tasks, project oversight, video editing, you name it, I was doing it. 
→ I had a VA but still felt like I was doing all the things 
→ I had surpassed my old monthly salary but still didn’t have any more freedom.
→ I had a passive course but somehow was still exchanging time for dollars
The problem was → I didn’t have any space or choice in my business which meant: a) I was still the catch-all for everything and b) I wasn’t set up for true scalability.

Now, I have a fully remote business, have retired my partner from his teaching job, have a team to support business growth, and I prioritize taking a vacation at least once per quarter. 
Freedom-Found Collective was designed to help you get the exact systems, strategies, and insight needed to uplevel your mindset and your business to operate from a place of next-level growth...
So YOU can find your freedom.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and step into your CEO self, 

I knew in order to get the freedom I was craving, I had to invest in leadership, uplevel my mindset and start paving a path to the lifestyle I wanted to live.

“Krystle is INCREDIBLY generous with her knowledge.
She really helped me totally reevaluate how I was running my business and see how she ran hers. I realized that it is actually possible to make money or make good money while also having time for self-care. 
Krystle, you have literally shaped my business and I love you for that!”

-Mirna Segal, Copywriter

“Working with Krystle helped me give myself permission to create a business that works for my lifestyle.

My biggest win when working with Krystle is feeling aligned and confident in my business again! I now have the tools and knowledge to scale my business as I’m ready, and most importantly, I am confident in my offers, my pricing, and my business!

Whether you’re scaling for something now or in the future, Krystle gives you exact breakdowns of how you should honor yourself and your work to set yourself up for success.”

-Kayla Hord, Content Marketer & EBA Alumni

The time you spend away from your business is just as important as the time you spend inside it.

This is perfect for you if… 

You’re a service provider, consultant, or coach making 4-10k a month and are ready to scale your business for more freedom + impact                                                                                              
You’re ready to expand your money mindset, step into your CEO-self and make core decisions with confidence, strategy, and intention

You’re ready to make your first (or next) key hire, get back more of your time, and delegate like a pro

You want to scale to consistent 10-20k months and have the accountability and strategies to help you get there

You’re ready to grow your leadership skills and foster a positive team-culture

You want to break free of trading time for dollars and get serious about your freedom-business model, funnels, and products

You’re committed to building an impactful, heart-centered business 

You want to join a community of like-minded, supportive women and build lasting relationships as you expand into this new level

If you’re head-nodding along...

It’s time to scale your business and

I mean it when I say

Freedom-Found Collective is one of a kind

There’s not another program on the market that brings together next level growth to find your freedom with business education and 1:1 coaching from an expert copywriter + agency owner who gives in-depth, detailed reviews of your copy, content, marketing, and business plans to ensure you’re never gambling with guess-work. 

But you don’t have to take it from me, take it from my clients...

I always look for mentors that have created a business model that aligns with how I want to create my own business. If you run a service based business and Krystle is modelling the type of business and life you want, then being in her energy and seeing first hand how she runs her business will give you the shortcuts to get there.”

“Being in Krystle’s energy and seeing first hand how she runs her business will give you the shortcuts to get to where you want to be.

Laura Dick, Launch Guide & EBA Alumni

You deserve to

Run a thriving business, feel empowered, and find your freedom

The problem is, you’ve got so many plates in the air it’s hard to know what to prioritize next because your day-to-day’s looking as stressful and busy - if not more so - than your old 9-5.
What really irks me about the online space is a lack of transparency about the middle-phase growing pains. Because the truth is, when your business really gets going, it’s HARD as hell to keep up with the momentum all on your own. 
The late nights. Tears. Wins. Client work. Product creation. You name it, it’s all on your plate. What you need is the guidance and support to lay foundations for true freedom (like hiring, delegating and aligning a business model to scale) and clear scaffolded steps to grow into a 6 or multi-6 figure brand.
Scaling your business doesn’t have to be frustrating, exhausting, or lonely. 
In fact, it can be a hell of a lot of fun when you’re with the right people and know just what to do next.
Only thing is, you have to decide whether to take that next step toward the dream you set out for in the first place, or to stay right where you are.
In my opinion? 
The first best time to start scaling intentionally for more freedom was yesterday. 
The next best time is now. 

Feeling a lil’ like monocle man? 🧐

I’ve got A’s to your Qs

What is Freedom-Found Collective?

Freedom-Found Collective is an intimate 6-month Mastermind for ambitious female entrepreneurs wanting to scale to 10-20k+ months so they can start truly living their freedom lifestyle.

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The next cohort starts early October 2021, however spots are limited and priority will be given to those that join the waitlist first. If you’re interested, you can fill out the quick application above, there’s no obligation and if you do decide to join, you’ll be eligible for 🔥early-bird waitlist bonuses.

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Are there payment plans?

Yes! Multiple payment plan options are available - including extended options for early-bird waitlisters!

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Can I join next time?

If you’re ready to get out of the 24/7 grind and start enjoying more freedom in your day-to-day, I recommend taking those steps as soon as possible. If it’s not the right time, there will be future rounds of FFC, however I don’t know when just yet and the price point will increase each round.

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How many women will be in the program?

This is an intimate program that is capped to 12 perfect-fit women ready to take their business to the next level. A small group ensures you get the individualized feedback you need and can make real, lasting connections with the other women who join.

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When will the calls be scheduled?

We’ll survey everyone in the group to ensure call times are suited across the board.

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How much 1:1 Access to Krystle do I get?

This offers the highest level of access to me. You get monthly 60-minute coaching calls (6 total), and unlimited access to me via Voxer/Slack each week to ask questions, talk through issues, mindset blocks and get feedback on those burning business pieces! Plus we have live group calls every week, too.

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Is this program right for me?

Freedom-Found Collective is for you if you’re a service provider, consultant or coach making between 4-10k months and are ready to learn how to hire, delegate, and scale your business to 6 and multi-6 figures so you can have true location and financial freedom.

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Everything was tailored to me and as someone who runs a different business than a lot of my competitors, Krystle's ability to offer personalized advice was really valuable. 

If you feel that Krystle's skillset and expertise is what you need to get to the next level, listen to that, you won’t regret hiring her!

Krystle, you know how nervous I was at first and I genuinely felt so comfortable and confident in my decision just minutes into that initial call! I'm so appreciative of all your time and hope we can work together in the future!”

-Delaney Vetter, Communications Consultant & Coaching Client

“Krystle is not like other people in the online education and coaching space. I never felt like she was checking boxes of a cookie-cutter method.