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The Essential VIP Day Framework for Elevating your Product Suite
- so you can lessen your workload  + increase your revenue.

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…Plus, right when you’re ready to hand the goods over, there’s always just *one more* thing they need your help with.

Let’s face it.

Working on long client projects Day-in and Day-out isn’t easy.

You’re on what I call the 'Deliverable Treadmill' - that’s always set to a few speeds too fast.

Prospects inquire last minute, expect to hop onto your calendar right away, and want a turnaround time for, “hmmm…next week, please”…

What if instead of that creative cardio, you had a system set up that could both reinforce your working boundaries, and deliver a VIP project to clients in under a week - while still earning you the same high-ticket price you were planning to charge anyway?

Here’s what this is all about

... so I could break free from a sexist work environment and retire my partner from his job, too. 

Late one night just two months into business, I sat, head in hands while tears slid down my cheeks onto the keyboard. It was my 7th day working in a row on a sales page project that was earning me less than $10 an hour once I added up all the time I spent on it.

I knew I had to make a change and up until that point, I thought my only problem was the amount I was charging. So with each new project that added to my positive results and experience, I increased my rates.

Yet I was still exhausted. No matter how much I charged, I was working within an endless cycle of projects - “I just need to finish this Sales Page Copy, then I’ll get started on that email project and maybe after that I can find time to - oh nevermind, I better not say no to this new inquiry.” 

Good money was rolling in, but sooner rather than later, I burned out.

(...Easy, right? 😅)

In 2020 I was an ex-school teacher trying to build a copywriting business from scratch...

"Ms. Church", circa 2019

Until one day I saw an email from a copywriter I admired who was offering a Day Rate service.

Intrigued, I clicked through to her services page and immediately felt unsure of myself. She had over 5 years of experience, had 10x the amount of testimonials I did, and just generally seemed like she had her sh*t together.

I had less than a year of copywriting experience, had good but limited results from clients, and had no formal marketing training.

I felt totally unqualified - yet still I invested my time into streamlining my workflows, learning what my clients really cared about (hint: it wasn’t length of project), and designing the *perfect* no-brainer, VIP Day Rate for my clients.

Luckily I'd stumbled onto this early on, which allowed me to experiment, hone my processes, and develop my simplified Day Rate Framework that reduced my project timelines from 3-4 weeks, into 1-5 days.

Same quality, same deliverables, same client transformation.

Clients and revenue poured in without much effort in marketing. I grew a reputation for top-notch client experience and kickass deliverables that actually get results.

And all I did was prioritize a more streamlined project process that saved both myself and my clients time and energy.

Soon, I worked just 4 days a month on client projects (one per week for ease).

I had so much free time I was finally able to prioritize growing my business, creating digital courses and products, developing coaching and consulting services, and spending more time away from my desk than I did at it.

A few months later I started getting asked to share my Day Rate Framework with other copywriters, designers, and service providers. So I hosted the very first Day Rate Genius Masterclass which saw women land dream clients, book out their services 3-4 months in advance, and hit their highest-ever income goals (hello, 20k+ months) within weeks of this event.

Just a year later, I retired my partner from his job and moved us to live in our dream property on the beach in Mauritius - private pool and all 🌴

This Day Rate Framework was the catalyst for change in my life, and so many other service providers, too.

Now it’s your turn.

Wondering if condensing one of your projects into a VIP Day would even work for you?

Short answer: if you’re a service provider or consultant, YES, this is abso-freaking-lutely possible for you. I’ve yet to find one that VIP Days didn’t work for 🔥

I had the same doubts when I first heard about Day Rates.

I had NO idea how I could take a 2, 3, or 5-week project and condense it into something that was quick-turnaround with the same level of value.

By developing my Day Rate Genius Framework, I uncovered a simplified, approachable way to condense long projects into just-as-valuable Day Rates.

The honest truth is...


Sounds impossible? I pinky promise it’s not.
But don’t take my word for it…

Shortly after working with Krystle, I launched a highly successful VIP Day Rate offer that has been consistently booked out 3-4 months in advance since I started offering them!

...came to me with the goal of scaling her web design agency with simplified VIP services and quickly hit long-time biz goals with booked out Day Rates:



Elizabeth Averyanova, DRG Alumni

Corrie Myers, DRG Alumni

I landed a set of FOUR day rate projects within a week of taking the Masterclass! But more than that, I feel confident about my work and how to offer value to my clients!

...was a busy teacher, mom, and copywriter wanting to maximize her time and energy and learn how to better optimize her time spent on client work:



In the space of an hour, I was ready to start selling a new service! I knew exactly how to structure a day rate, what the deliverables looked like, how to market it, what price to start with, and even how to hold a sales call and prep my client before the day!

...had years of experience providing great deliverables to her clients but felt like projects always dragged on - she was ready for a change that would give her the lifestyle and time for self-care she’d wanted:


It’s time to free up your schedule, increase revenue, and spend more time away from your desk than you do at it.

In. Out. High-Level Transformation.


I can’t think of another course where I got so much actionable info in such a short space of time.


simplify your client projects

Here’s where I walk in with my Macbook in one hand and your *Win-Win* in the Other

Day Rate  Genius  Masterclass

A 2-hour, transformation-focused webinar teaching you how to uplevel your product-suite with a new, high-ticket Day Rate offer - so you can sky-rocket your income and lessen your workload.

We’ll cover exactly how to start offering this high-ticket service as soon as the very next day.

(Yep. DRG Alumni have been known to book out within weeks of attending 🔥)

From the big picture to the nitty-gritties, we’re talking: structure, process, deliverables, sales calls, and
duh → premium prices.

Hear what people are saying

In this Masterclass You’ll Learn

What service(s) in your offer-suite are perfect for Day Rates


So you can align your weeks with the perfect balance of what you love and what your clients need.

How to integrate Day Rates into your product suite

We talk upsells, downsells, and umbrella VIP Days so you can maximize revenue effectively.

How to structure your Day Rate for premium pricing

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new on the scene - learn how to hit your big income goals and still get back your time.

How to master your Day Rate Process

So you feel confident AF in your rates, offer, and service provided… and so do your clients.

How to deliver an exceptional VIP experience

So every client experiences a fine-tuned, white-glove experience SPECIFIC to Day Rates (prompting repeat and referral business).

How to nail the high-ticket Day Rate Sales Call

It’s time to go beyond the script and learn how to show up like the expert you are, locking in VIP project after project.






*🤫 - lean in close*

Plus, I’ll walk you through my biggest secret:

*I know, I know, cue all the, “But that’s literally what you’ve been saying, Krystle!” thoughts and listen up close → we’ll go over how your specific projects should be structured and how much time you need. Sometimes that’s a day. But other projects need more time. Instead of saying you can do a Day Rate or not, I say, let’s minimize working time no matter what and talk all things:

“Hearing Krystle give alternative examples of how to structure my Day Rate was a lightbulb moment for me. And I'm excited to say I've sold a couple Day Rates already! Ever since I changed the structure to work for me and not against me, it's been working out really well. Thank you so much, Krystle, for offering this class and for sharing your genius with the world!”


>> It doesn’t need to just be done in just one day <<

VIP Weeks + Multi Day Rates
Add-On Prerequisites/Research Days
Monthly Retainer Day Rates

Take a Peek at the Goods

Uplevel your product suite to create space for more freedom and income in your life - in just 2 hours flat with this value-packed Masterclass training

120-Minute Masterclass

Take the pressure off and learn specifics from the
Q + A replay. Then top that off with lifetime access, an open-invite to future live DRG and all updates, too.

Q&A Replay + Lifetime Access

(‘cause, friend, this ain’t your Granny’s Masterclass)

👇🏾First let me introduce you to the classics

(Valued at $675)

I made it my mission to give you everything you might possibly need.


But when I sat down to make DRG, I didn’t just want to give one or two ‘nice’ little resources the host probably doesn’t even use themselves.

You’re getting the *exact* resources I use within my business

to make launching your VIP Day Rate easy-freaking-peasy

Be intentional about your inquiry process (and know exactly what to say) so you can nail the sale every damn time.
 With application questions and  email templates to make the inquiry process a breeze.

Client Inquiry Guidebook

Get strategic about your offer, deliverables, marketing, and high-ticket price-tag for optimum growth this year. This guided workbook will take you through the strategy behind building a no-brainer, bookable Day Rate offer.

Day Rate Strategy Spreadsheet

(Valued at $27)

(Valued at $27)

Keep your energy high, your client happy and the referrals coming in with the exact workflow behind a smooth + easy Day Rate.

Day Rate Workflow Toolkit

(Valued at $27)

Day Rate Workflow Planner
Workflow Templates

(for Clickup + Asana)

Take the pressure off knowing exactly what to charge with this fully customizable calculator that takes into account your industry, results, and the expertise you bring to the table.

(Valued at $50)

The Day Rate Genius Calculator



Never worry about what to charge again
with this cherry on top

DAY RATE GENIUS Masterclass / $675
Day Rate Strategy Spreadsheet / $27
Client Inquiry Guidebook / $27
Day rate workflow toolkit / $27
Day Rate Genius Calculator / $50
Total Value = $856

If all that this did 

What would that be worth to you?

was allow you to work 30% less than you do right now.

was remove over-scope projects and burnout from your weeks.

was give you back your most precious resource  - Time...

If all that this did 

If all that this did 

So consider...

...just to get the strategies, processes, and resources with a fraction of the learning curve... and way fewer headaches.

Especially now knowing that this one single Day Rate offer has since generated 6-figures in revenue for my business.

But I’m all about making things both value-packed and accessible.

So that's why...

For me, I know I would’ve paid a lot more than $856 when I first jumped into Day Rates...

Day Rate  Genius  Masterclass,

all the resources (and the incredible           bonus)

DAY RATE GENIUS Masterclass / $675
Day Rate Strategy Spreadsheet / $27
day rate Workflow Toolkit / $27
Client Inquiry Guidebook / $27
Day Rate Genius Calculator / $50
Total Value = $856

ONLY $372

A 2-hour Masterclass teaching service providers and consultants how to launch high-ticket VIP Day Rates to sky-rocket your - okay okay you know what it’s all about. Save your seat below!

Get instant access to Day Rate Genius Masterclass

are only $372!

Oh hey there, ROI 👋🏽

DRG helped me create an amazing client experience for my VIP Day. It also helped me figure out exactly how to price it, what to offer, and how to create an amazing sales page for it - I loved this training and thought Krystle did a great job over-delivering!

Katie O’Brien, OBM + Funnel Builds

"If you're overwhelmed with your current workload or feeling like you hate client work, it's time to try Day Rates and the Day Rate Genius Masterclass is the best way to get started ASAP.

Above all, the biggest benefit is to learn that you can really create the Day Rate in whatever way best suits YOU.”

Day Rate Genius Masterclass is perfect for Beginner-to-Advanced Service Providers, Strategists, and Consultants like:

→ Graphic Designers
→ Copywriters
→ Photographers
→ Bookkeepers
→ Accountants
→ Social Media Managers
→ Online Business Managers
→ Video Editors
→ Virtual Assistants
→ Marketing Strategists
→ Agency Owners

So, if the idea of working just a few days a month on high-ticket offers (so you can spend the rest of your time however the hell you’d like) lights you up inside, this Masterclass is for you.

This Masterclass is a Can’t Miss If…

You’re Tired of the Daily Grind

And you want to finally get out from under that endless pile of client work.

You’re Ready to Make More While Working Less

And enjoy the freedom of time and energy Day Rates provide.

You Want to Prioritize the Growth of Your Own business

And bring sustainable high-ticket income in, month-after-month.

Hi there,
I'm Krystle Church

Copywriter Agency Owner, Business Mentor, & Chief Margarita Drinker
(shhhh - don’t tell my boss 😉)

I’m a full-time world traveler, Conversion Copywriter, and Consultant who helps female entrepreneurs build and scale the business of their dreams so they can live wildly free.

In just a handful of months, I built an in-demand, sustainable, and highly-profitable service-based business while only spending 4 days a month on client work…

And I’m here to teach you to do the same 🌴

You’ve gotta hear what Jaimie has to say 👇

If you’ve already tried Day Rates and it didn’t work for you -

If you’re new to Day Rates...

 get the scoop on how they revolutionized Mirna’s copywriting business 👇

 *slides glasses down nose* Let’s do some math.

But what’s it REALLY worth to you?


Let's say your current project rate is 2k.

Using the Day Rate Genius framework, you can easily create a Day rate offer that replicates that.
(Yep, 2k in a day, - Feels damn good, right?)

Right now, DRG costs just $372.

So after just selling ONE VIP Day and you’ve already 5X’d your investment.

From. One. Day.

But, following the pace of past alumni, you’ll more likely be booking out several days a month.

So let’s update our calculations:

If you price your services more within industry standards, you’re looking at much more than that, rolling into your stripe account all while you’re working on limited, just right, projects.

X 3 days

= $6,000

And let’s be honest - depending on your industry, 2k isn’t even a lot for a day rate 🤭.
(Get the Day Rate Genius Calculator to learn specifics)

per VIP Day Project
(I like to calculate conservatively, so let’s assume you book less than one per week)

(For just three days worked that month. You just 21X’d your investment.

Sounds like a no brainer.

“I’ve listened to three other day rate/VIP Day trainings before Krystle’s and none of those gave me the solid, well-rounded info that I got from Krystle’s training. She gave me the confidence to make the call on how I want to run my business, rather than how I thought I had to.

 If someone told me they wanted to get into Day Rates and asked which training they should do, I’d say Krystle’s in a heartbeat."

- Mirna Segal, COPYWRITER

It's time to make a change

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Results and income earned will vary based upon your individual circumstances, the effort and education of your business’ employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control. While we make every effort to ensure products and services are adequately represented, we make no claims as to the results you will personally achieve. The testimonials are hereby used for educational and exemplary purposes only, and while they show real experiences from past clients, their business’ results are not necessarily deemed typical. Any statements about potential income you could possibly earn made by Krystle Church Consulting and Freedom Found Co. Pte. Ltd. are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn.