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Girl oh girl, have I been there.
Consider me your more enthusiastic (albeit slightly younger) version of David Attenborough walking you through all you need to know about the wild west of the online business world. 

Get instant access to actionable strategies and grab-n-go resources to build your email list, craft conversion copy, and take your online business to the next level - from a copywriter and business mentor who’s been there - learned that. 

Palms gettin’ clammy each time you sit down to write your nurture emails - or wake up facing the constant hamster-wheel of client projects?

Ignite Your Inbox

Your self-paced Welcome Sequence course to build an email list of raving fans + paying clients. Perfect for those who are either just starting their email list or ready to upgrade their welcome sequence, so your email funnel actually starts working for you.

Day Rate Genius Masterclass

A 90-minute, action-packed webinar teaching service-providers and consultants how to launch high-ticket, VIP Day Rates to sky-rocket your income and lessen your workload in 2021. Perfect for both entrepreneurs that’re just starting out and those ready to scale.

The Conversion Copy Sales Page Kit

Your go-to resource for DIYing a sales page that has her head-nodding along every step of the way and pulling out her purse to buy. Includes your Sales Page Themeplate, Savvy Sales Page Guide, and Data-Mining Spreadsheet so you’re not just crafting a sales page, you’re crafting a sales page like a conversion copywriter.